Using Prop 'n Go

  • Rest Prop 'n Go on your lap, stomach, or other even surface
  • Detach angle adjuster and pull away from the Prop 'n Go top
  • Adjust to desired angle by placing the angle adjuster in any   of the 14 positions
  • Place your tablet, book, or other device against the front raised lip and the angle adjuster (the Prop 'n Go logo should be facing away from you)
  • If you're using a laptop or keyboard and would like the front lip out of the way, try reversing Prop 'n Go and resting your device with the angle adjuster down

⬇︎ PDF Instruction Sheet


Prop 'n Go is user customizable and adaptable. It is not guaranteed to work safely and securely with every device or every situation. Use your judgment. Prop 'n Go is designed to work loosely — it is not permanently affixed to devices or the body. Injury can occur if Prop 'n Go is used unsafely. Damage to devices or Prop 'n Go can occur from misuse